Ginera Linton-Ozich

Movement and wellness coach

Ginera Linton-Ozich

My mission is to inspire, educate and move people to a more vital and healthier wellbeing by providing a holistic approach. I want your time with me to be an invaluable investment toward your long-term health. I have a range of holistic diagnostic tests that enable me to personalise your health initiatives, so you can accomplish your movement, vitality and wellness aspirations.


  • Bachelor of Science (sport and exercise science)
  • Diploma in Fitness Training
  • Kaizen advanced health coach level 3
  • Mat certified (Polestar Pilates and Studio Pilates International)
  • Registered personal trainer
  • Comprehensive first aid

I am a holistic movement practitioner and mum to two beautiful children. My mission is to inspire, educate and move people to a more vital and healthier wellbeing by providing a holistic approach.

With over 20 years of professional experience working in the health and fitness industry, I specialise in corrective movement, stress and lifestyle balance.

I utilise holistic diagnostic testing such as, functional blood chemistry analysis, stress hormonal profiles (adrenal fatigue), and food sensitivities, to personalise your health program to a whole new level.

My movement philosophy is based on strengthening the weak links in the body to ensure you have a strong stable platform for movement. This allows you to become stronger, fitter and leaner so you can get on with doing the activities you enjoy, without being burdened by reoccurring niggles or injury. I will challenge your perception of needing to work longer and harder by helping you to move more intelligently.

I have studied continuously throughout my career, returning from work in Europe to attain my BSc, majoring in Sport and Exercise Science.  More recently I have undergone extensive training with the Kaizen Institute of Health in Australia to become a Kaizen advanced health coach. Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement.

I began my own journey of wellness after having my second child and realising I wasn’t feeling quite right. I initially thought I was showing signs of postnatal depression, so my strategy was to exercise more. Initially, having someone look after my children while I exercised did make me feel better. However, after years of feeling exhausted, now with two kids and back working, I felt like I was spiralling even further into a hole. I had long suspected I had food sensitivities and had been told I had adrenal dysfunction. Until I took the actual tests, I wasn’t really addressing the cause of why I was feeling exhausted for all those years. Seeing the results was powerful for me, it was the light bulb moment I needed in order to take purposeful action. With the support of two talented health coaches and instilling personalised health initiatives into my routine, I shifted from feeling exhausted all day every day to regaining energy, health and happiness. I was finally breaking the cycle of rushing, constantly juggling tasks and trying to be perfect in all things I did.

If you are ready to make amazing changes to your movement, health and happiness, contact me today.