Ginera Linton-Ozich

Holistic Movement Coach

Hi I’m Ginera and I’m a mum, holistic movement coach, a mentor for: holistic movement coach and 4-dimensional wellness programmes, and a NZ Exercise Industry Awards Finalist for Personal Trainer of the Year 2018. I specialise in corrective movement, stress and lifestyle balance to inspire tired parents to practise sustainable lifestyle modifications to regain their movement, health and happiness.

I came from humble beginnings in Kaitaia, from the Far North of New Zealand and moved to the big smoke in Auckland to study a Diploma in Fitness training. I started my career as a fitness instructor in 1995 when leotards were still appropriate to wear. When our dad passed away with cancer at 44 years, I realised we weren’t on this earth for a long time and embarked on my ‘OE’ at 21. After nearly six years of living, working and travelling abroad, I returned home to further my education, obtaining my BSc in Sport and Exercise Science.

I began my personal training career in New Zealand in late 2006, just as the global financial crisis was about to sweep the country. The challenges provided a valuable learning experience that have helped me stand the test of time. Throughout my 20+ years in the fitness industry, I have continuously invested in professional development, including: Kaizen advanced health coach level 4, Endorsed ph360 health coach, Pilates and Animal Flow.

I began my own journey of wellness after having my second child and feeling something wasn’t “quite right”. After years of feeling exhausted, now with two kids and back working, I felt like I was spiralling even further into the hole of exhaustion. Until I invested in functional health testing, I wasn’t addressing the cause of WHY I was feeling exhausted all those years. Seeing the results was powerful for me. It was the light bulb moment I needed in order to be proactive towards my health. By introducing lifestyle modifications into my daily routine, I finally shifted from feeling exhausted all day every day, to regaining vitality, my health and happiness. I had finally broken the cycle of rushing, constantly juggling tasks and trying to be perfect in all things I did.

Please reach out to me when you are ready to make amazing changes to your movement, health and happiness..


  • Bachelor of Science (sport and exercise science)
  • Diploma in Fitness Training
  • Kaizen advanced health coach level 4
  • Endorsed ph360 health coach
  • Animal Flow level 1
  • Pilates mat
  • Registered exercise professional (REPs)
  • Comprehensive first aid