Personalise me:

Epigenetic personalised programming

Remove the guesswork toward optimising your health and wellness and be guided by evidence-based science and personalised profiling.

Understand your unique body type and be empowered to take charge of your health by understanding:

  • What food is best for you and when;
  • Type and timing of movement;
  • What environment you function best in;
  • Your unique genius; and
  • Social satisfaction for you

With 20 years of research, backed by 100% evidence-based medical research and grounded in 15 layers of science, a comprehensive questionnaire and measures will calculate your unique profile.

There is no shortage of research and information surrounding ‘best health’, however, what is healthy for one person, can be unhealthy for another. We now have the science to remove trial and error and take a more effective approach to your health and wellness program. You have complete access to an online platform that details specific lifestyle recommendations, to encourage your body and brain to live in flow. Knowing information and applying are two different things. Through coaching, sustainable shifts in health and wellness are achieved through one on one support and encourage consistent application of the recommendations or Kaizen approach. Kaizen is the practise of a life of continual improvement.

“Genetics loads the gun lifestyle pulls the trigger” - Barbara O'Neill