Move me:

Movement coaching

Feel confident and achieve your movement and mobility aspirations through intelligent movement.

Feel the difference in movement and results as the body is ‘coached’ to reap the benefit of movement. I will guide you to move smarter towards your movement and mobility aspirations and challenge the status quo of needing to work long and hard, to moving more intelligently. Modalities such as Pilates, Animal Flow, functional (3 dimensional) movement, body weight training and mobility are some of the movement experiences I provide.

Move me: One on one

One-on-one movement coaching is ideal if you:

  • Are time poor and want to maximise your time and results;
  • Need flexible session times;
  • Are new or returning to training;
  • Have an injury or recurring niggles burdening you;
  • Have a specific aspiration that you want to work towards.

Move me: Buddy and small-group

Small-group movement coaching is ideal if you:

  • Prefer social interaction while training with others (2-4 people);
  • Have some existing movement experience;
  • Require general health and fitness;
  • Need support getting back into a regular movement routine;
  • Would like movement coaching, without the one-on-one fee.